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A very intense & uncontrolled fire. This collection is inspired by the massive volcanic event of Mount Tambora in 1815 in Indonesia caused by crystalisation process, thus over pressuring the inside of the mountain. Drawing the connection of societal expectations on oneself that can cause emotional outburst when they are being overly pressured.

Collection Line Up

Collection Line Up

The 3 focus points in designing this collection are liquid fire, cut out, and sculpted. Responding to the focus points, a sparkly reddish orange spandex, top-stitched on the base fabric; a stiff velvet fabric to achieve sculpted looks, and traditional-inspired print.

Technical Flats

The five designs features designs with strategic cut outs, the shape & silhouette is heavily inspired by the primary research of the volcanic eruption, seen by the cut out with tucks to mimic the texture of mountain top. The designs are also inspired by the traditional attire of Sumba people, with draped waistband and triangle hanky detail.

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Fabrication Board

The print for this collection is inspired by kre alang, a traditional Sumbawa textile in West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. With orange sparkly spandex and black velvet fabric as the main fabric for this collection.


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